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As a Canadian sports journalist considering a local ISP during the Olympic Games, I e-mailed a few questions to the Australian Internet Company. I was delighted by their prompt, courteous and thorough information, plentiful assistance during my registration and configuration process, and thoughtful, regular follow-up to ensure all would be to my satisfaction prior to and during my stay. My first gold medal of the Olympics goes to AiC, whom I'd recommend without hesitation.

Dave Stubbs, Sports Feature/Olympic Writer <dstubbs at>
Montreal, Canada
Before I came to AIC I was briefly with a large ISP. Their system was always breaking down. However, the worst part was trying to get information out of them. You could never get through to them and would be held for perhaps up to an hour listening to music at their call centre, just to check what was happening with their system. This is why dealing with AIC is so pleasant - you get personal service and quick answers to your queries, and great trouble-shooting. AIC try and tell you well in advance of any problems that they may have to face. I have also found AIC staff very obliging and helpful. Not only do they look after your Internet and e-mail, but try and help you with your systems, hardware, modems etc. I have every satisfaction with AIC and no hesitation in warmly recommending them as a service provider.

AAG Public Relations Pty Limited
Stuart Gardiner, Principal
Sydney, NSW Australia
We at Citylink Motors would like to thank the supportive staff of The Australian Internet Company (AiC), Lilian & Jeff Ang for the on-going support that they have provided us over the years. Prior to joining AiC, we were with a large ISP with continued problems and no support - usually taking up to several days at a time to rectify. Citylink Motors website is now being hosted by AiC, and we can count on them to deliver prompt and excellent services. We will recommend AiC to our staff, friends and clients. Once again thank you so much for the on-going help.

Michael John Sayer, Director <michael at>
Sydney, NSW Australia
I arrived in Sydney at short notice to cover a news story for BBC Panorama. I needed to get hooked up to the internet to speak to my colleagues in London who were asleep while I was awake. It was a weekend and none of the servers on my list were answering calls. Others just had laborious answering machine instructions telling me to either to call back or dial other numbers. I didn't have time. The Australian Internet Company answered my call straight away. As soon as I asked for their service, it was done. And to follow an attentive personal backup service. AiC also promised me help anytime of day or night. I haven't needed it yet, but it's great to know it's there.

Sally Johnston, BBC Panorama <sally.johnston at>
London, United Kingdom
Please pass on my thanks to everyone at AIC for a wonderful service through 2003. I am a quiet and little subscriber not worth very much to you in $$ terms but I have always been made to feel "Special" by the staff at AIC. You have always looked after me very very well and the personal service you offer is just amazing. Thanks again and have a wonderful Chistmas and all the very best for the New Year 2004. Dated 22 December 2003.

Jackie Payne
Sydney, NSW Australia